This is a 24 month project to develop frameworks to assess the environmental impacts of infant feeding decisions; the extent of these impacts is currently unknown in both healthcare and society. The environmental effects of infant feeding actions can be most readily observed at hospital level in terms of resource efficiency and waste prevention. This research hypothesises that there is considerable scope to develop environmental guidance, solutions, policy recommendations and best practice for policies on infant feeding decisions which would have significant environmental impact at the consumption level both in healthcare, home and community settings. The research sets about establishing the environmental impacts of infant feeding actions in the maternity unit, and developing solutions to improve resource efficiency at the healthcare level. Environmental education and empowerment of healthcare professionals to take the initiative and contribute meaningfully is a powerful tool in initiating and maintaining behaviour change. With this in mind a training module will be developed for healthcare professionals and procurement staff. The research will then examine environmental impacts at the societal and community level through various methodologies to establish a framework to firstly evaluate and secondly mitigate such dispersed and unaccounted impacts.